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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Postman Pat in AutumnUnknown1993


Postman Pat in SpringUnknown1993


Postman Pat in SummerUnknown1993


Postman Pat's Cat-up-a-Tree PartyJohn Cunliffe1993


Puppy Goes to the Seaside (Puppy's Beach Adventure)Gerald Durrell1993


The Animals of Farthing WoodColin Dann, Mary Risk1993


The Animals of Farthing Wood: Farewell to the WoodColin Dann, Mary Risk1993


The Animals of Farthing Wood: FireColin Dann, Mary Risk1993


The Animals of Farthing Wood: The Silent FieldColin Dann, Mary Risk1993


The Jungle BookThe Walt Disney Company1993


The Rescuers Down UnderThe Walt Disney Company1993


The Tale of Tom KittenBeatrix Potter1993


Walt Disney Presents: The Prince and the PauperMark Twain, The Walt Disney Company1993


Hilltop HospitalNicholas Allan1994


Lady and the TrampThe Walt Disney Company1994


Michael Bond's Book of BearsMichael Bond, Enid Blyton, Else Holmelund Minarik, et al.1994


New Tracks for ThomasRev. W. Awdry1994


Painting the Town: An Adventure in FranceThe Walt Disney Company1994


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 59Ian Robinson1994


Snow White and the Seven DwarfsThe Brothers Grimm, Walt Disney1994

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