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CoverTitleAuthor Year


T'choupi fête son anniversaireThierry Courtin2002


Angelina Ballerina's Invitation to the BalletKatharine Holabird2003


The Jungle Book 2The Walt Disney Company2003


Thomas' ABCUnknown2003


Winnie-the-Pooh's Honey HuntDisney Enterprises2003


Gromit's Busy DayUnknown2004


have fun with Noddy: The birthday surpriseChorion CGI2004


Lucky Luke: 16 Pages de BD et de Jeux!Morris [Maurice de Bevere], René Goscinny2004


Postman Pat and the Spotty SituationJohn Cunliffe2004


The Koala Brothers: Lolly Comes to TownVarious2004


The Worst WitchJill Murphy2004


Guess Who? with ThomasRobin Davies2005


Madagascar: Movie StorybookBilly Frolick2005


Noddy: Um Dia VentosoJoão V. Pinto2005


Pooh & PigletDisney Enterprises2005


Sleeping Beauty: My precious thingsThe Walt Disney Company2005


The Adventures of ThomasVarious2005


Tintin & Snowy: album 1Guy Harvey and Simon Beecroft2005


Angelina Ballerina's Pop-up Dancing SchoolKatharine Holabird2006


Disney's The Wild Stencil BookThe Walt Disney Company2006

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