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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Disney's The RescuersMargery Sharp, The Walt Disney Company1977


Iznogoud on Holiday!René Goscinny1977


Paddington Hits OutMichael Bond1977


Rupert and the Hidden LakeFrederick Chaplain1977


Starsky and Hutch annual 1978Unknown1977


The RescuersMargery Sharp, The Walt Disney Company1977


The Sweeney AnnualVarious1977


The Wombles (Take Part Series)Elisabeth Beresford, Sheila Lane, Marion Kemp1977


The Wonderful World of Disney Annual 1978Unknown1977


Walt Disney's Pinocchio and the WhaleThe Walt Disney Company1977


A Pair of Jesus BootsSylvia Sherry1978


Charlie Brown and SnoopyCharles M. Schulz1978


Charlie's Angels annual 1979Unknown1978


Close Encounters of the Third KindSteven Spielberg1978


Playschool Annual 1979Unknown1978


Pluto and the PigletThe Walt Disney Company1978


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 43Unknown1978


Starsky and Hutch annual 1979Unknown1978


The 2nd St Michael book of Rupert FavouritesMary Tourtel1978


Walt Disney Presents: Dumbo the Flying ElephantHelen Aberson, The Walt Disney Company1978

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