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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Crown Without SceptreVaughan Williams1952


Five Have A Wonderful TimeEnid Blyton1952


Girls' Crystal Annual 1953Judy Lewis, Sheila Austin, et al.1952


Phoenix RisingMarguerite Steen1952


Robin Hood and His Merrie Men (Regent Classics)Unknown1952


The Champion Annual for Boys 1952Various1952


The Humour of DickensR.J. Cruikshank, Charles Dickens1952


The Red House BoysJohn Sweet1952


The Rubadub MysteryEnid Blyton1952


The Young DectectivesR.J. McGregor1952


A Hundred Years of the HalifaxO.R. Hobson1953


A Portrait of CanterburyRichard Church1953


A Sunset TouchHoward Spring1953


Adventures of Robin HoodEleanor Graham Vance1953


Daily Mail Coronation Golden ReprintVarious1953


Daily Sketch: International Weekly EditionVarious1953


Elizabeth and the Prince of SpainMargaret Irwin1953


English FurnitureJohn C. Rogers, Margaret Jourdan1953


Golden Book of the CoronationDaily Mail1953


Only A Gipsy LadRaymond H. Belton1953

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