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The Ladybird Book of British Wild AnimalsGeorge Causdale1958


The Story of Captain CookL. du Garde Peach1958


The Story of the First Queen ElizabethL. du Garde Peach1958


The White WitchElizabeth Goudge1958


The Winthrop WomanAnya Seton1958


Versailles que j'aimePierre Gaxotte, Jacques Perret, Roger Nimier1958


Witness for the ProsecutionAgatha Christie1958


Cat's CradlePaul Dehn1959


Cats in MayDoreen Tovey1959


Down RiverRichard Church1959


Encyclopædia of SportCharles Harvey, et al.1959


Flight Three: United States of AmericaDavid Scott Daniell1959


Flight Two: CanadaDavid Scott Daniell1959


Girl Annual Number 8Marcus Morris, et al.1959


Highlands & Moorlands (Green Meadow Books)Cecily M. Rutley1959


Lion Annual 1960Unknown1959


Mary the Mother of Jesus: A Life of Our Blessed LadyA Carmelite Nun, A Daugther of St. Paul1959


milk in the sweet courseHenry Smith1959


Mr Therm's Encyclopædia of Vegetable Cookery - Volume I: Cabbages & ThingsBon Viveur1959


Reader's Digest Condensed Books De Luxe Edition: Lobo/The Century of the Surgeon/Letter From Peking/Bon Voyage!/The Nymph And The LampVarious1959

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