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'How it Works': The Locomotive - Diesel and ElectricDavid Carey1969


'Well-Loved Tales': Chicken LickenVera Southgate1969


'Well-Loved Tales': Chicken LickenVera Southgate1969


'Well-Loved Tales': Snow-White and the Seven DwarfsThe Brothers Grimm, Vera Southgate1969


'Well-Loved Tales': The Wolf and the Seven Little KidsThe Brothers Grimm, Vera Southgate1969


500 Recipes for SlimmersMarguerite Patten1969


A Leg At Each Corner: Thelwell's Complete Guide to EquitationNorman Thelwell1969


A Taxi Driver's LondonMaxwell Revenell Green1969


Amateur Gardening Pocket Book of Garden FlowersJ.S. Dakers1969


Andrew's BrothersJ. Weir1969


Animals of Many Lands: Lions of the GrasslandsHowell G. Moses1969


Babar en FamilleJean de Brunhoff1969


Bimbo and TopsyEnid Blyton1969


Bizzy Lizzy’s AnnualUnknown1969


Boy JesusWendy & Robert Wilkin1969


British DramaAllardyce Nicoll1969


Brooke Bond Picture Cards: The Saga of ShipsGeorge Naish, Alan Villiers1969


Buchers Miniaturen: ParisVarious1969


Carrier International Cookery Cards (2nd Series): Italy IIRobert Carrier1969


CatsChristine Metcalf1969

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