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CoverTitleAuthor Year


All in One Cook BookStork and Oxo1976


Biggles of 266Capt. W.E. Jones1976


Boys' Handbook: New, revised editionUnknown1976


Brer Rabbit saves Brer TerrapinEnid Blyton1976


bridges: A Ladybird LeaderRobert Loxley1976


Cordon Bleu Cookery Course (Monthly), Number OneUnknown1976


Dear Zoo...Joan Crammond1976


Doctor Who and the Pyramids of MarsTerrance Dicks1976


Doctor Who and the Revenge of the CybermenTerrance Dicks1976


Early One Morning: Silver Book FourE.S. Bradburne1976


FlightPeter Shephard1976


Great Civilisations: CreteClarence Greig1976


Grimm's Fairy TalesThe Brothers Grimm, Amabel Williams-Ellis1976


Gulliver's TravelsJonathan Swift, Marie Stuart1976


Have fun with Nature (Book 1)Lesley Firth1976


Heinz Hobnail and the Great Shoe HuntAnne Duvoisin1976


Herb cookery and other recipesAlan Hooker1976


How to Live with a Neurotic DogStephen Baker1976


In the HarbourHeinz Kurth1976


Jack and Jill Book 1977Unknown1976

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