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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Champion Book for BoysVarious1944


ChatterboxRedvers Hewitt, Eva Chadwick, et al.1944


Child of PromiseCicely Ashton-Jinks1944


Letters from EnglandKarel Čapek1944


Sailing DaysAdlard Coles1944


Spring PictureDaphne du Maurier1944


The Malachite Casket: Tales from the UralsPavel Bazhov, Alan Moray Williams1944


Young BessMargaret Irwin1944


Hand Holding RyeGeva Rideal1945


In Praise of London: An Anthology for FriendsNeville Hilditch, et al.1945


Middle East: A Record of Travel in the Countries of Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Turkey and GreeceH.V. Morton1945


Poisonous FungiJohn Ramsbottom1945


ReprieveWarwick Deeping1945


The Faithless DoveUrsula Bloom1945


Theatre Royal, Drury LaneW. MacQueen Pope1945


Three Men In New SuitsJ.B. Priestley1945


Through Another GateGeorge Vaizey1945


A Book of Common InsectsEdmund Sandars1946


A Heart Like MineCicely Ashton-Jinks1946


A Romance in LavenderStephen Southwold1946

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