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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Wonder Why Book of PlanetsPatrick Moore1977


Yellow bird readers: Chris and FredIvan Waterman1977


500 Recipes For Chicken DishesMarguerite Patten1978


500 Recipes for Cooking for TwoKatie Stewart1978


A Leg At Each Corner: Thelwell's Complete Guide to EquitationNorman Thelwell1978


A Pair of Jesus BootsSylvia Sherry1978


Aesop's FablesVarious1978


Albert's ChristmasAlison Jezard1978


All AroundUnknown1978


An Address Book for ChildrenMonika Beisner, Christina Rosetti, et al.1978


Animal Lore and DisorderJames Riddell1978


Berron's ToothJoan Solomon1978


Biggles & Co.Captain W.E. Johns1978


Blue Fairy BookAndrew Lang, Brian Alderson, et al.1978


Boys and Girls Come Out to PlayTraditional1978


Bunty - The Book For Girls 1979Various1978


Charlie Brown and SnoopyCharles M. Schulz1978


Charlie's Angels annual 1979Unknown1978


Close Encounters of the Third KindSteven Spielberg1978


Creepy CastleJohn S. Goodall1978

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