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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Alice's Adventures in WonderlandLewis Carroll1946


All The King's LadiesMichael Harrison1946


Bright DayJ.B. Priestley1946


British DogsA. Croxton Smith1946


Canterbury TalesGeoffrey Chaucer, H.L. Hitchins1946


His Fight Is OursJane Lane1946


Ideal Book for GirlsLeonora Fry, Eva Chadwick, Arthur Williams, et al.1946


Kim: A ScottieBarbara Muir1946


Margaret Ann In FairylandTomsyd1946


Monster Book for GirlsVarious1946


Oranges and LemonsUnknown1946


Royal Philharmonic: Annals of the Royal Philharmonic SocietyRobert Elkin, Pau Casals1946


Sunshine Corner Picture and Story BookViolet Harford1946


The Adventures of Pongo the Pup: The Magic Train to StorylandDudley Charles Hoon1946


The English at TableJohn Hampson1946


The King's GeneralDaphne du Maurier1946


The Penguin Music Magazine Vol. IRalph Hill, Edward J. Dent, Michael Ayrton, et al.1946


The Pilgrimage of the BellsHannah Gabert1946


The Tale of Timmy TiptoesBeatrix Potter1946


The Wishing ShoeFrank Jupo1946

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