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CoverTitleAuthor Year


The Wind In The WillowsKenneth Grahame1943


The House at Pooh CornerA.A. Milne1970


The Pooh Story BookA.A. Milne1971


Winnie-the-PoohA.A. Milne1971


Hans Andersen's Fairy TalesHans Andersen, L.W. Kingsland1975


The Enchanted PlacesChristopher Milne1975


Piglet is entirely surrounded by waterA.A. Milne1976


Winnie-the-PoohA.A. Milne1977


Briar RoseThe Brothers Grimm, James H. Fasset1981


RumpelstiltskinThe Brothers Grimm, James H. Fassett1981


Pooh's Fireside RecipesKatie Stewart, A.A. Milne1985


Now We Are SixA.A. Milne1986


The Complete Winnie The Pooh and The House At Pooh CornerA.A. Milne1986


When We Were Very YoungA.A. Milne1986


The House At Pooh CornerA.A. Milne1987


The Wind in the WillowsKenneth Grahame1987


Winnie-The-PoohA.A. Milne1987


Everybody's BoswellJames Boswell1989


Now We Are SixA.A. Milne1989


The Pooh Story BookA.A. Milne1991

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