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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Flower Beds and Bedding PlantsSydney Ashmore1930


Grimm's Fairy TalesThe Brothers Grimm1930


Ideal Book for GirlsEva Chadwick, Lucy Laing, Joan Lumley, et al.1930


Natural History of the GardenW. Percival Westell1930


Our Beautiful Homeland: CanterburyNorah Baldwin Martin1930


Robin Hood And His Merry OutlawsJ. Walker McSpadden and Charles Wilson1930


Robinson CrusoeDaniel Defoe1930


Stamp Album & Accessory CatalogueG.F. Rapkin1930


The Coral IslandR.M. Ballantyne1930


The Girls' BudgetVarious1930


The Third Round"Sapper"1930


Forget-Me-Not and Lily of the ValleyMaurice Baring1931


Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales (The Sunshine Series)Hans Christian Andersen1931


Belgium (The Little Guides)Claude E.A. Andrews1932


Black BeautyAnna Sewell1932


Racing Tactics in Questions and AnswersDr. Manfred Curry1932


Schoolgirls' Story BookVarious1932


What Time Is It?M. Ilin1932


A Mysterious InheritanceBessie Marchant1933


Children's Treasury of Great StoriesLewis Carroll, Jonathan Swift, et al.1933

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